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Capturing business requirements and incorporating the right features are two important aspects of software development. But without the right UI and UX design, even good, feature-rich products can fail. UI and UX design is a key element to make any software product successful, and we do it just right!

VERTEX has an in-house creative team of UX/UI designers to make sure that every software product is designed with the end-user in mind.

UI/UX design is an integral part of our software development process. We follow the latest design principles to ensure that every user has a good time interacting with your products, with basic intuition and minimum confusion.



Have you ever used an app that was so confusing to use that you uninstalled it out of pure frustration? That is what happens when you do not invest in proper UI/UX design from the get-go.

Oftentimes, app owners get a little carried away – the brilliance of their app idea causes them to skip (or forget) the design phase and jump directly to development. Later, when they start losing users due to poor design or usability issues, they realise their mistake and are forced to spend excessive amounts of money on fixing their app’s basic design. The focal purpose of developing an app is for it to be used by the intended audience. If your app is not designed in accordance with your users’ ease and expectations, it will be useless to both you and your audience.

Thus, it is extremely important that you invest in your app’s user experience and interface design.



VERTEX’s user interface and user experience design services place the utmost importance on end users needs.

Designing an app, whether for mobile or web, is a process that heavily relies on its users. They are the stakeholders who will ultimately be interacting with the app. Hence, they are our topmost priority. When designing your app, we keep in mind how the user will experience the app and connect with it. Each design is specifically tailored to fulfil users needs. Our skilled UX/UI designers come up with exceptionally user-centred designs, covering the following steps in the process:


The first step to successful user-centred design covers the defining and studying of people who will be using the app, that is, the end users. It is important to see users as individuals. A thorough study is carried out where we perform extensive research to create accurate user personas for the app. This way, we will be able to understand who exactly we will be targeting the design towards.

We examine the target market’s demographic information, such as age, gender, marital status, level of education, employment status and income bracket, as these factors influence our design decisions. This way, the target audience can be split into major groups. User-centred design also takes into consideration what each user wants to use the app for, that is, their goal. This enables our UI/UX designers to come up with the most suitable design that caters to all these groups.


Next, our UX/UI designer will clearly define the app's flow so that navigating through and using the app feels like a breeze.

Now that we know the different types of people that may end up using the app, we create scenarios around those users’ app usage. User scenarios give a brief or detailed overview of the different circumstances and contexts that users can land in. We use low- or high-fidelity sketches to illustrate how we intend to take the user through the app for each particular goal they want to achieve via the app. The purpose of these activities is to understand the app’s design from the perspective of the end user. It helps the UI/UX designer realise what problems the user may run into when using the app and optimise the design accordingly.


What are the different ways in which each task could be carried out by a user? Could the user run into a problem? How will they handle it?

Use cases are more detailed than storyboards and scenarios in that they specify each and every minute action, such as clicking an OK button – that the user would perform on their journey to achieving a particular goal. For each goal that is to be completed, the user’s journey is broken down into singular, sequential steps. Alternative routes need to be thought out in case the user runs into a problem mid-way. The app design progresses according to the level of ease with which the user should be able to complete each of these steps.


The final and, perhaps, the most critical step to successfully achieving user-centred design is getting useful feedback from the users and using it to make the app even better. After the design is finalised, our team of UX/UI designers builds the initial prototype(s) and presents it to end users for a test drive. This step determines how successful we have been throughout the design process. There is a possibility that we have made incorrect assumptions about your target audience.

Thus, we are ready to identify and correct any faults that the users may face with our first attempt of the design. Once these issues are fixed, we run test drives again. This happens iteratively until we have presented the perfect, most flawless design to your app’s users.


Whether you are looking for a landing page designer for your website or someone who can come up with a creative design for your mobile app, we are here to cater to your distinctive requirements.

  • Eye-catching, artistic design
  • Intuitive navigation – super-learnable and memorable!
  • Specially tailored for small screen sizes
  • Touch- and gesture-friendly
  • Clean, clear, clutter-free!

  • Well-structured layouts
  • Engaging designs
  • Highly responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Efficient utilisation of a full-screen canvas


Send us your project details and get a realistic cost estimate for your web or mobile app.



There is a method to the madness! Our UI/UX services rely on a thorough design process that results in a high-quality product that is easy to use and looks fantastic!

Our UX/UI designers work tirelessly to turn initial rough sketches into magnificent end products, leaving users with a smooth and frictionless experience.

You can rely on us for delivering a detail-oriented, high-quality design incorporating the best UI and UX design practices.



VERTEX’s user interface and user experience design services are focused on creating the best possible experience for your end users. Our UI/UX designers create apps that are not just aesthetically vogue but also user-friendly and feasible. We follow a design process that helps apps achieve offer maximal inclusivity and accessibility for people with disabilities.







To ensure that your software is designed for flawless functionality, usability, reliability, efficiency and consistency, our testing process looks like this:

  • requirements analysis
  • test planning
  • test case development
  • environment setup
  • test execution
  • Close test cycle

Most customers who come to us expect us to start from scratch. We start with the discovery phase, where we collect the requirements of the customers. Then the rest of the software development process follows, including the design and architecture of the software.However, if you already have a design in mind in the form of blueprints or wireframes, that's great, you already have a head start! We can go through these together and discuss how we can further develop your product from them.

Are we facing a web or mobile application? How many screens should our team design for the product? Which would you prefer, low fidelity or high fidelity wireframes and prototypes?The cost of the UI and UX design services we offer varies depending on the technical, functional and design complexity of your specific project. For an accurate estimate send us a message.

An important step to start your UI/UX design project is to tell us your requirements. After you have contacted us, we will have an initial conversation to understand your requirements. This meeting helps determine the indicative scope, costs, and risks of the project.

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